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Bet you didn't think of this .. 

A defibrillator could save your life, do you know where your nearest one is? Check out Heart Attack Help a site we just found today which we have now registered our AED on. 

If you have a defibrillator, why not register your location on Heart Attack Help and if you are in VIC or TAS, register at the below links;

Ambulance Victoria

Ambulance Tasmania

The above registers assist a 000 caller to possibly locate a defibrillator close by while waiting for ambulance response.

Wishing you all a happy & safe Easter.

Synchronised ECG and respiration curves

Using the method of ECG-derived respiration, medilog DARWIN2 calculates a very accurate apnoea index thanks to the medilog recorders' high sampling rate and resolution.

The synchronised display of ECG waveforms, heart rate trends and respiration curves provdies a valuable tool for thorough analysis of the correlation between arrhythmias and apnoea episodes.

With the addition of simultaneous SpO2 measurements. medilog DARWIN2 features the most comprehensive and effective approach to sleep apnoea screening with Holter analysis. 

Apnoea pre-screening at home; reducing costs through prevention

In around 30% of all patients that undergo polysomnography, no apnoea is detected. However, these patients often suffer from cardiological diseases. And yet is not uncommon for cardiological diseases to occur in combination with apnoea. Apnoeas are often chronic and, if left untreated, can lead to enormous financial burdens for the healthcare system due to high follow-up costs. 

DARWIN2 Enterprise offers you a fast, reliable and inexpensive screening tool to exclude apnoea in your patients.

  • Early detection of sleep apnoea episodes.
  • Low-cost, comfortable tool for tests at home
  • Therapy assessment.
  • Review of sleep quality and evaluation of quality of life. 

P wave detection and ECHO View

With the introduction of PureECG, SCHILLER has achieved unparalleled signal quality in Holter recordings. 

With state-of-the-art amplifiers and filter technology, medilog recorders are capable of direct P wave detection. This outstanding result, coupled with the ECHOView display, makes it possible to identify in a matter of seconds the onset and offset of atrial defibrillation and atrial flutter episodes.

ECHOView is a "bird eye" display of the ECG, with clear representation of the P and T waves in each cycle. This innovative diagnostic tool saves valuable time during arrhythmia analysis by showing patterns of irregular PR and QT intervals of 15,000 beats at a glance. 

  • No more beat-by-beat or page-by-page review of Holter recordings.
  • Reduce cost and improve patient care with early detection of atrial fibrillation and atrial flutter.
  • Preliminary assessment of the need for invasive diagnosis, therapy or surgery.
  • Effective patient monitoring following surgery or ablation. 

ECHOView displays up to 4 hours of ECG beats in a compact format. Click on the ECHOView window and the corresponding ECG waveforms are displayed to evaluate indications of atrial fibrillation or flutter. 

Why it matters

Atrial Fibrillation (AF) is the most common form of irregular heart rhythm, estimated to affect up to 2% of the world's population. The likelihood of developing AF increases with age and the number of people affected is expected to double in the next 20 years. AF is believed to account for one third of all hospital admissions for cardiac rhythm problems, and believed to cause around 15% of all strokes. Early detection and treament could save healthcare systems the enormous cost of treating patients under emergency conditions and improve outcomes for the patients concerned. 

medilog DARWIN2 now puts a reliable, affordable and non-invasive screening device in the hands of people that can make that difference.


Schiller's medilog DARWIN2 Holter system provides a comprehensive analysis of the human being as a whole.

The DARWIN2 Holter system is the latest in the evolution of our Holter analysis software.

Atrial fibrillation detection, sleep apnoea screening and the determination of the quality of life are just some of the exceptional features available on medilog DARWIN2 software, depending on your clinic's needs. 

Designed with feedback from hundreds of cardiologists and cardiac technicians worldwide, medilog offers unparalleled accuracy and opens new possibilities for Holter analysis.

Simon's Fund, an American non-profit that highlights the dangers of Sudden Cardiac death in children, has invested approx $200,000 to build the first national registry for adolescent hearts. HeartBytes will collect data and imaging at screenings of students and young athletes nationwide and make it available for research. 

Simon's Fund was started nine years ago when Darren Sudman and his wife, Phyllis, who live in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania, United States lost their 6-week-old son to sudden cardiac arrest. The likely cause was Long QT syndrome, an undiagnosed heart rhythm disorder that causes chaotic, accelerated heartbeats.

It is unclear whether an electrocardiogram could have saved Simon's life, but the search for what killed him lead to the discovery that Phyllis had the genetic anomaly and probably passed it on to her son. 

The couple emerged from their grief and after considerable research were convinced that ECGs are the most effective way to screen for conditions that can lead to SCA and death in children.

Over the years, Simon's Fund has sponsored screenings - including ECGs and heart ultrasounds when other findings suggest a need for 10,000 students in and around Philadelphia. About 100 heart problems have been uncovered. All of those records are now in the fledgling computer registry, funded so far by donations. 

To read the entire article click here.

Common benefits of lounging in a sauna are listed below;

  • relieves stress
  • relaxes muscles and sooth aches and pains in both muscles and joints
  • flushes toxins
  • cleanses the skin
  • induces deeper sleeping

However a new Finnish study claims that men who regularly visit saunas may live longer and are less likely to die of sudden heart attacks than those who do not, read more here.

Another great reason to not skip the sauna after a gym session.